Minimize Summer Pest Problems

Minimize summer pest problems with SWAT.

Memorial Day Weekend is nearly here and will kick off the start of Summer. But before you start your summer activities, now is a good time to take some simple precautions to minimize the summer pest problems that are sure to arrive!

Simple Steps to Minimize Bugs & Pests

Store Food Properly

Keep food in air-tight containers. This creates a very tough barrier for bugs and pests to conquer. Consider storing all food items in air tight containers. Cereal boxes are typically an easy source of food for bugs to attack.

Keep Moisture Out

It’s no secret that all living things need water to survive. But that doesn’t mean you have to make it readily available for them. Take a few minutes to inspect your home. Fix any leaks or drips that would make your home an inviting environment for ants, roaches and termites.

Block All Home Entry Points

Be sure to inspect your home on the outside as well. Bugs, pests and even small rodents can squeeze through the tiniest of holes. Inspect your cable lines, telephone lines, garage and especially the attic. Holes in these areas are often overlooked.

Use Bug Lighting in the Evenings

While not the most pleasing light in the world, yellow bug lights do help minimize bug activity in the evenings. Flying insects are really less likely to bother you around the hue of yellow bug lights.

When You Need More Help, Call SWAT to Minimize Summer Pest Problems

Of course there are times when you need more help fighting bugs. Just pick up the phone and call SWAT Services. Call us today for an evaluation and free estimate. We’re your Marietta pest control experts. Remember – all of our summer time pest control services are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ll help you minimize and even eliminate your summer pest problems and more.

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