Termites: Know the Signs

Do You Have Termites in Your Home?

Do you have termites in your home?

Just the thought of termites in your home is enough to make any homeowner break out in a cold, panicky sweat. Part of this is for good reason because termites do cause billions of dollars in structural damage in the U.S. alone.

The good news, though, is that termites are slow eaters. If you think you have termites and treatment is applied, your house could come away with little damage. Better news is that if you have proper home maintenance, including regularly scheduled termite inspections, the chances of significant damage being done decreases significantly. You can schedule your regular maintenance program with SWAT Services. We offer Termite Control with one of the best termite warranties in the business.

Termites are Active Year Round – Look for the Signs

Contrary to what many believe, termites are active year round (not just in spring and summer). Here are some signs to look for in your home to know if termites are creeping in:

1. Swarms

Termite swarms are hard to miss. They swarm when the young termites have developed wings and are ready to search for and establish a new colony. Swarming often occurs in spring, but can also occur in the summer or fall.

2. Excrement

Okay, we know, it’s gross. But termite excrement is an important sign to look out for. If you find piles of tiny, thin strips, it could be termite droppings.

3. Mud Tubes

One thing that termites need to survive is moisture, so they create mud tubes, which allows them to commute between their nest and food source without drying out. You would usually find these running from foundation blocks, in a crawl space or on the inside walls of homes. If you see this, you definitely have termites in your home.

4. Wood Damage

Sometimes termites are in spaces in your home that you can’t see as well and you don’t realize they are there until they have done some damage. Because termites need moisture, they will not usually eat through the surface of wood, but eat through the center, allowing them to stay in a dark, humid place. If you realize that some wood on or around your house sounds hollowed out, it could be because of termite damage.

Don’t Panic – Call SWAT Services

If you notice any of these termite signs around your house, don’t panic. The problem can be resolved! Just give SWAT Services a call, 770-565-7928, and we’ll get rid of those pesky termites for you and help protect your home against future damage. If you haven’t noticed any of these signs, but don’t have a regular termite maintenance program, call us today to set one up!

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