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My home is on a concrete slab and termites cannot eat through concrete, so why should I treat my home for termites?

All concrete will crack and termites can enter through openings and cracks as small as 1/64″ to interior walls of your home. Quite often you will find room around drain and water lines.

Yes your home should be protected if the treatment was done properly of if a baiting system was put in place. You should check with your builder or agent to find out any warranty information and keep these in your records. We suggest a Control and Repair warranty. If this is not offered, SWAT can talk to you about it.

Termites forage continuoulsy. There is no way to predict if you will get an infestation. If you have a termite bond on your home, you can have the comfort that if something does enter, your company will take care of it for you.

Depending on what time of year this occurs, you could very well have an ant infestation. If however, it happens in the spring, you could have a termite swarm.

Termite colonies, when mature, will allow the reproductive termites to leave the colony to start a new one elsewhere. If this happens inside your home, you may find “exit” holes in your sheetrock

and/or winged insects on the floor or window sills. This is a termite swarm. If this is seen, you should contact your pest control company to come identify the problem and treat to get rid of the infestation.

In a nutshell, be aware of your home and its conditions. Try to avoid wood to ground contacts (siding, steps, trim etc.). Do not stack firewood against your home. Try to discourage termites from being attracted to you house.

Keep in mind that termites are everywhere in the soil and forage continuously looking for a food source. They arent looking for your home, it just sometimes gets in their way, and if you have conditions that are conducive to them, it makes it easier.

That depends on a couple things:

The square footage of your home
The type of service you are looking for

SWAT offers Quarterly, Monthly and One-Time Services. Prices start $65/quarter for outside-only services.

You have choice of treatments. The conventional treatment or liquid treatment and the baiting system.

We have been doing liquid barrier treatment for over 25 years and the baiting system for about 10. Both are very good forms of protection for your home.

We can have a representative come and inspect your home to give you and exact price for each treatment. Treatment costs usually start around $500 for the initial treatment.

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