Don’t Risk Frozen Pipes

Fortunately, our winter cold spell last week wasn’t too severe. But now that the warmer weather has returned, this is no time to risk frozen pipes. Use the warm weather to inspect your water lines, insulate them if necessary, and take note of a few tips before the next cold snap arrives. Broken water lines can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your household – don’t risk it.

Follow These Cold-Weather Plumbing Tips

Be prepared - avoid frozen pipes this winterMake sure that your pipes are properly insulated. Pipes that are exposed are the most vulnerable to freezing. We suggest that you leave your cabinets open under sinks and appliance areas so that the warmer air can aid in preventing the non-insulated pipes from freezing. This is important especially for pipes that are close to outside walls.

Keep the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature during the day and night. If you are traveling and plan to be away from home, it is best to leave the thermostat set at no lower than 55° F.

Keep your water running. Before the cold weather arrives, it’s best to keep a steady drip going so that the pressure doesn’t get a chance to build. We suggest that you let the water trickle from a faucet on an outside wall. By allowing the water to drip, this will prevent water from being “locked” inside the pipes and freezing.

Call SWAT for Plumbing and Home Service Repairs

Keep these tips handy to prepare for a cold-weather spell. And if you think that you might have frozen pipes, shut off the main water supply and give us a call for plumbing work! We’ll make sure you’re protected!

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