Cold Weather Home Tips by SWAT

Follow these cold weather home tips by SWAT.It’s no secret that the cold weather has been persistent this winter. And it’s no secret that the cold weather is not so kind to our homes. While you may be generally aware of the problems associated with cold weather and plumbing, here are a few refresher “cold weather tips” to mitigate any potential problems that could affect your home.

Follow These Cold Weather Tips

The following cold weather home tips can be accomplished on any dry and mild day – but be alert and take action before temperatures drop into the 20s or teens:

  • Be sure to disconnect all outside water hoses. Water hoses can freeze and expand causing the connecting faucets and pipes to also freeze and burst if the water hoses are left connected.
  • Inspect all outside faucets and make necessary repairs or call a plumber if you notice dripping or leaking (see our special this month).
  • Close all interior shut-off valves that lead to outside faucets and let the water drain from the pipes.
  • Cover all outside faucets using a faucet insulation kit.
  • Insulate all pipes located in cold unheated areas by applying thermostat-controlled heat cables or heat tape around the exposed pipes.
  • Be sure your furnace is not set below 55 degrees during the winter months. Otherwise, your pipes will be at risk for freezing. It is important to note that when pipes freeze, water pressure builds and causes cracks, regardless if the pipe is made of copper, steel, or plastic. Even the smallest crack can release up to 250 gallons of water in one day.
  • Drain the sediment from your water heater to avoid corrosion and to increase energy efficiency. A water heater works the hardest during cold winter months.
  • And while you’re at it, be sure to set your water heater thermostat no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal performance without the risk of scalding.

Frozen pipes are one of the most common winter plumbing issues experienced by Cobb County homeowners. Save yourself from the hassle and expense of cold-weather plumbing issues. Tackle the maintenance yourself, or make a quick call to SWAT for a home and plumbing maintenance inspection.

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