Cockroach Problems?

Learn How to Get Rid of Roaches

Learn how to get rid of roaches with SWAT Services.

Cockroaches are nasty pests that can carry bacteria and possible illness into your home. Don’t let your home become attractive site for roaches to flourish. Keeping these pests out of your home is a lot easier than trying to get rid of them. Garbage and food crumbs can attract these scavengers, so be sure to quickly dispose of trash and keep perishables covered.

Simple Steps to Combat Roaches

Follow these simple approaches to learn how to get rid of roaches before they take over. These methods often work best when combined.

  • Glue strips – Place these adhesive strips near some of the popular hiding places. This approach is helpful in determining if you have a roach problem, but should be followed up by a stronger treatment.
  • Traps – One of the most popular methods of eliminating roaches, most bait stations lure pests inside to feed on poison. Once the poison is digested, the roach lives long enough to contaminate other roaches.
  • Boric acid – This commonly found substance can be effective in killing roaches. Mix boric acid powder with a bit of sugar and place it near infested areas. It’s the perfect combination—the sugar attracts the roaches and the boric acid, while not toxic enough to harm humans, will kill the cockroaches.

Too Many to Fight?

Ridding your home of roaches can be a daunting process. Some favorite hiding places include under sinks, inside cabinets, behind refrigerators, and closet corners. Use a flashlight to search these spots around your home and determine if you have an infestation. You may discover there are more than you can fight on your own.

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Roach infestations are a real possibility, as these pests are extremely adaptable and often resist home remedies and treatments. For the fastest and most effective approach to eliminate your cockroach problems, call the experts at SWAT Services in Marietta GA.

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