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Know When It Makes Sense To Consider All Natural Pest Control

Know when to consider all natural pest control solutions.Georgia is home to dozens of insects and other pests that can invade your home and become a nuisance. Some of these pests can even pose potential health risks to you and your family if they are not properly exterminated or removed. However, many store bought pesticides can also be hazardous to people and pets. Here at SWAT we want you and your family’s home to be pest free and safe. With that in mind, here are some great all natural pest control methods to minimize the pests in your home.

Stay Sanitary

A lot of pests, insects, and rodents are attracted to food and water sources that are in your home. Be sure to clean food preparation areas and regularly take out your indoor trash and recycling. Store your dry foods in sealed containers and keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Don’t let dirty dishes mount up in the sink and don’t let stagnant water sit in your sinks either.

Access Denied

Examine your house and try to identify any entry points that unwanted pests might try to use to get into your home. Key places are your baseboard cracks, crevices around ducts or vents, and gaps around pipes. At first glance these holes may appear to be too small for any critter to get through but even mice can get through very small entries. Be sure to patch holes in window screens and make sure your window boarders are sealed shut. Also, if you are stalking up on fire wood this fall or winter make sure you store it outside of your home but away from the immediate exterior of your house.

Go Natural

If unwanted pests have already gained access to your home, there are natural alternatives to pesticides that you can try. Earth Easy Is a great source for all natural pest control solutions for getting rid of all sorts of pests. They have recommendations for all pests that are found in Georgia including ants, dust mites, moths, fleas, silverfish, and roaches.

When Do You Call The Pros?

If you are faced with pest problems that do not respond to natural remedies, consider getting professional help. At SWAT Services we do our very best to provide pest control solutions that will not only eliminate your problem in the safest way possible, but we will also make sure that your unwanted guests don’t come back. We have extensive experience in pest prevention techniques.

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