Preventing Mosquitoes – Eliminate the Water

Mosquitoes are on the Way!

Spring and rain go hand in hand. And while the Spring rain is good for our plants and landscaping, that rain also presents some future problems as it relates to mosquitoes. We’re interested in preventing mosquitoes.

To prevent mosquitoes in your yard this year, the first line of defense is to eliminate any standing water that remains after periods of rain. Standing water provides opportunities for mosquitoes to breed. In fact, standing water may even cause previously dormant mosquito eggs to hatch!

Preventing Mosquitoes Starts with Eliminating the Water

Here at SWAT Services, we want to stress the urgency and importance of emptying standing water to minimize mosquito activity. By emptying standing water, you’ll be able to decrease the presence of mosquitoes in your yard and neighborhood. Some common areas to monitor are outdoor recycling containers, gutters, flower pots and containers or other areas where water may collect. Be sure that any water in these areas is drained and eliminated in order to combat mosquito regeneration.

Preventing mosquitoes now will keep your family healthy and safe.

Preventing mosquitoes by eliminating sources of standing water, will ultimately reduce your risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses. Several mosquito-borne viruses circulate in Marietta and Georgia each year and are capable of causing disease in humans and animals. The most common mosquito-borne diseases that circulate include Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile (WNV) and La Crosse viruses. Mosquito-borne viruses are most active from late spring to early fall.

Need More Help – Call SWAT

And when the battle to combat mosquitoes is more than you can handle, call the mosquito team at SWAT to inspect your yard and property. We have skilled and trained experts to uncover sources of mosquito breeding that you may have overlooked. And we have programs to control mosquitoes once they hatch and infect your yard. Get started now and “Fight the Bite.” Be ready to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

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