Winter Plumbing Tips from SWAT Services

Keep your home in good order with winter plumbing tips from SWAT.

Winter weather not only takes a toll on your body but your pipes as well. At SWAT Services we believe that the best way to avoid a disaster is to be prepared. Follow these top winter plumbing tips so you can avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs.

Avoid Unnecessary Plumbing Repairs

Don’t Risk Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes can be one of the worst plumbing problems during the winter. Freezing temperatures can affect the water pressure in your pipes. The water in your pipes can freeze causing it to slow or even completely stop. To avoid this hazard, let your faucets leak over night so the water doesn’t sit still in your pipes. Just a little bit of water flow makes it less likely for water to freeze in your pipes.

Conserve Energy with Insulation for Your Water Heater
If you have a tank water heater, freezing is not so much of a concern. However, you may want to conserve energy. Consider replacing or adding insulation to your hot water heater. This could reduce heat losses by 25-25% and reduce your overall heating costs by up to 9%.

Clean-out Clogged Drains and Pipes
Has the holiday hangover taken a toll on your drains? It’s not uncommon for people to throw food down the drains, more so than usual during the holidays. As a result, the grease from the food combined with the cold weather can cause an unhealthy build up. This can eventually lead to limited water flow and clogged drains and pipes.

Call SWAT for Plumbing and Home Service Repairs

Keep these winter plumbing tips handy to prepare for a cold-weather spell. Or call now if you’re drains are running slow or are clogged. And if you think that you might have frozen pipes, shut off the main water supply and give us a call right away for professional local plumbing work! We’ll make sure you’re protected!

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