Facts About Your Creepy, Dark Crawlspace-Encapsulation FAQ

Facts About Your Creepy, Dark Crawlspace-Encapsulation FAQ


If your home has a crawlspace, you know how dark, damp and just plain creepy it can be.  You might feel good about the fact that you know for sure that it is code-enforced vented by the builder.  But, did you know that recent findings actually suggest that year-round venting is not beneficial for homes?  Venting can even have a negative effect on your home.  If your crawlspace is left unfinished or just vented, here are some of the negative effects it can have on your home:


  • Reduced indoor air quality.  The moldy, musty smell is actually bad air in your crawlspace.  Eventually this air will seep into your living spaces above.
  • Increase in humidity levels.  When you have a vented space, in the summer time especially, the difference in temperature outside and inside causes condensation to form on every surface, which leads to mold growth, wood rot and other moisture-related problems.
  • Moisture can also attract wood-boring insects, such as termites
  • Presence of insects will attract rodents and other pests (what a vicious cycle!)
  • Cold air has free passage under your home and cools down pipes and heating elements (furnace, duct work), which means there will be an increase in utility costs.


Well, that doesn’t sound good does it?  The bottom line is, if you have a vented crawlspace, you need to get it encapsulated.  Encapsulation is the process of installing a liner up the walls of the crawlspace and over the exposed earth floor.  There is overlap of the wall and floor liners, all seams are sealed and the whole lining is fixed to the walls so it will not ever open.  Once you have an encapsulated space, you can count on reduced humidity levels, better air quality for your whole home, more energy efficiency (it can reduce your energy bills by up to 20%!), fewer critter problems, greater home comfort, reduced chances of costly floor repairs due to wood rot and on top of that all, an encapsulated crawlspace is an excellent selling feature!


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