5 Reasons for a Pest Control Service Plan

Keeping the rodents, pests and bugs out of your home is an ongoing task. And that’s just a simple reason why having a recurring pest control service plan makes sense. But there are other reasons to consider. Below is our list of the 5 most important reasons why a recurring service plan should be an essential service for every homeowner:

SWAT gives you 5 reasons for a pest control service.

Potential Bug Troubles Are Spotted Quickly – Most bugs or rodents reproduce quickly whenever they discover a habitable location to nest. This creates a snowball effect for the pest population throughout the house. With regular and thorough inspections, a pest control technician is able to discover potential pest infestations and can halt them before they become a problem.

Fire Hazards Can Be Identified Early – Rodents are known for gnawing on items to file down their teeth. Specifically, rats and mice are known to chew on electrical cables and wiring, exposing bare wires to any flammable materials that may be nearby. A pest control specialists will examine for rodent activity and identify any electrical wire deterioration.

Structural Problems Can Be Identified – Carpenter ants and termites can certainly wreck the framework of the home, leaving you in a structurally defective home. These kinds of pests can also eat away door and window jambs, and decorative elements of your home, including baseboards and door casing.

Reduce the Spread of Disease – Rats and roaches leave droppings that can result in unhealthy air quality. These droppings becomes dry and brittle and break down into dust. The dirt and dust contaminates the air flow making the diseases air-borne. Roach droppings often lead to asthma in small children. Rats may possibly spread Hantavirus along with other life-threatening health problems. A complete clean up of waste matter by a licensed pest control expert will be able to resolve this problem.

Save Money – A regular pest control service plan offers a better way to save money when compared to taking part in pricey home repairs due to pests. Protect your home today by looking into a service plan that fits your requirements. Call SWAT Services today for a complimentary inspection and let us provide you with a customized pest control program for your home.

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SWAT Services is based in Marietta but we serve metro Atlanta. Call us first for pest control services and household repairs.

SWAT Services is based in Marietta, but we’ve been serving metro Atlanta since 1984! Call us first for pest control services and household repairs.

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