For Termite Control Acworth GA Calls the Pros at SWAT Services

Proud to Offer Termite Inspections and Treatments in Acworth Georgia.

For termite control Acworth GA calls the pros at SWAT Services.

Termites are an issue in every city in America. However, termites can be dangerous in Georgia. We have many of them in high numbers. Regular professional inspections are important.

At SWAT, we offer annual termite inspections for residential and commercial properties. We inspect every inch of your property for termites, and recommend affordable treatments if any are found.

Termite Damage Can Be Costly – Don’t Ignore the Signs

Of all the pests that can create problems for you and your home, termites rank the highest. Termites can silently destroy homes and cause damage. Most homeowners won’t recognize there’s a problem. Regular termite inspections should become a part of regular home maintenance in Acworth GA and metro Atlanta. Call SWAT today for reliable termite prevention.

The SWAT Termite Warranty – Best in the Business in Acworth!

  • Our total protection warranty covers re-treatment and repair of active termites and the damages they cause. (It does not cover any previous termite damages, prior to our treatment.)
  • Our in-house repair crew will remove any damaged areas and repair them to as good as new or better. We send our own repair crews, so you know you can trust who is coming to your home. (This warranty does not cover cosmetic repairs including but not limited to wallpaper, faux painting and any other customized work.)
  • There is no deductible or cap on repair costs.
  • The Termite Treatments that consist of Bait Installs include a Lifetime Annually Renewable Warranty.
  • All of our Termite Warranties are transferable to future homeowners at no additional charge.

Call SWAT Now – Customers Love Our Work

“SWAT Services did a great job! I called them to conduct a termite analysis and they came out right away. Once done with the inspection they answered my clients and my numerous questions and made us all feel very comfortable. The team then came out and did an in depth analysis where they removed the drywall they talked us through everything they did, found the root of the issue, fixed it and all at a very reasonable price! I will most certainly be using them in the future.” – Brittany

“I have been a customer of Swat Pest Control for close to 30 years. In that time, I have always been able to count on them to take care of my needs. They are responsive, reliable, and reasonable.” – Susan

“I have had this service for years. They are always there when I need them. Other than that, we just have a good working relationship, they treat, I am bug-free. I have no complaints.” – Gretchen

You’re in Good Hands with SWAT Pest Control Service Professionals

A termite inspector is an important tool in your pest control plan. SWAT Services has the latest technology and regulations to help you eliminate your termite problem. Many of our employees have been with SWAT Services for over 10 years. They have been properly trained and are all registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

How do I Know if I Have Termites?

The first step in prevention is to be on the alert for termites. Termites rarely emerge from soil, mud tubes, or food sources through which they are tunneling. Most people are not aware they have termites until they see a swarm or come across damage during construction. Some of the ways to discover if you have termites are listed here.

Or Just Call SWAT Services – Termite & Pest Control Services

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