Simple Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

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Summer = Mosquitoes

The hot, humid days of summer are here along with all the mosquitoes. While we can’t completely get rid of these troublesome pests, there are a few simple ways to prevent mosquitoes from visiting your yard and biting you and your family. Implement these techniques for more enjoyable summer fun!

Make Your Yard Unpleasant for Mosquitoes

Make it painful for mosquitoes to wander into and linger in your yard:

1. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so “Rule Number One” is to eliminate any and all standing water around your home. Keep your yard free of anything that collects water. Check flower pots, toys, debris, containers, water features, etc. for any remnants of puddling water. This also includes gutters. Clogged gutters and drainage issues can also create mosquito breeding sites.

2. For outdoor gatherings, carefully placed citronella candles will ward off mosquitoes and keep them at bay. While citronella candles won’t completely repel mosquitoes, they will have a mild effect, especially when combined with other efforts.

3. Set up and run fans in common areas, like decks and patios. Mosquitoes are weak fliers so this is a natural way to deter them.

4. For evening events, use GE yellow bug lights in outdoor fixtures. These don’t actually repel mosquitoes but won’t attract them like incandescent lighting will.

Make Yourself Unpleasant for Mosquitoes, Too

Minimize your risk of getting bitten, and maximize the time you spend outdoors:

1. Schedule outdoor activities earlier in the day. Mosquitoes prefer the late afternoon and evening hours.

2. Wear light-colored clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing, so wearing loose, light-colored clothes can help prevent mosquito bites.

3. And for the most effective solution, use an insect repellent that’s labelled for mosquitoes. There are many options available now that are effective at repelling mosquitoes, even in natural formulations.

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