Sewer Smells in the House?

Warning Signs Your Sewer Pipe May Be in Trouble

How do you know if you just need a sewer pipe cleanout or a repair? A few early warning signs of either include stinky smells coming from your drains. Other signs include slow-draining, gurgling pipes, along with backups in toilets or showers. If you spot any or all of these symptoms, call SWAT Services right away.

Maybe It’s Just a Clog

Your main sewer pipe can become clogged and cause backups just like any other drain in the house. The telltale sign that it’s the main sewer pipe is when every flush creates a sewage backup in your home. The problem could just be a temporary clog – a sewer pipe cleanout can remedy the trouble.

Getting To The Root of the Problem

Tree roots are another common cause of home sewer backups. They can block and even break older pipes, causing damage to the sewer line. Even if your yard is mostly tree-free, roots from neighboring yards could be a problem.

Signs of More Serious Trouble

If you find yourself frequently needing to call a plumber to “snake out” the pipes in your home, it may be hinting at a larger, more serious issue. If your home is older, your sewer backup could simply be caused by cracked or collapsed lines. Although many newer homes have plastic sewer lines, older homes were built using cast iron and clay piping that can break at some point in time. Our sewer camera is ready to pinpoint the problem so that we can make repairs or clean out the clogs.


For Sewer Smells in the House, Call SWAT

Call SWAT if you have sewer smells in the house.If you have sewer smells in the house or frequent plumbing backups, it’s time to call SWAT. We have qualified technicians able to inspect and recommend plumbing and home repairs as needed. We can identify problem areas and offer steps for eliminating the risk of plumbing problems or home invaders. Call us now before you have a problem.



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