Paint to Protect Your Home

Paint to protect your home in Marietta GA. Call SWAT.Most people would say that the purpose of house painting is decorative – you paint the house in order to make it look better. And it feels good to have a freshly painted house.

But more importantly, painting can actually help prevent problems from occurring in and around your home. Properly applying and scheduling house painting can keep you home in tip-top shape and will keep your total home repair costs much lower over time. Painting works to protect your home from damage by severe or ongoing weather, wind, sunshine, water, rust, corrosion, termites and other insects and/or mold.

3 Top Reasons to Paint Your Home

Enhanced Cleanliness: The most common reason for painting your home is to keep it clean and fresh. Good quality paint works to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the exterior of your home. A clean home is a happy home.

Easy to Repair: On those occassions when repairs become noticeable, make the effort to get the repair done quickly. It’s much easier to “touch-up” damaged siding or shingles before more serious issues arise. Address the repair work promptly.

To Protect Against Damage: Make plans to paint your house frequently. Your home is vulnerable to the elements – weather attacks, insects and other climatic damage. These all diminish the quality and health of your home. Unprotected siding or shingles become an open invitation for pests and bugs. Regular painting is one additional layer of protection.

Painting your home and keeping it maintained will generally help to increase its value. And while painting is a task most homeowners can tackle, painting is also a service we offer at SWAT Services. As part of our service of eliminating bugs and pests, we also have the tools and tradesmen to fix and repair all the damage those pests can cause, too.

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