The Spring and Summer months are a time when honeybees are very active. If you happen to see any of these busy bees don’t be afraid, but do call a bee keeper who can give them a new home, which is all they are really looking for this time of year.





Don’t Be Afraid.


There are many misconceptions about honeybees. Most people associate them with wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets and think that they are on the prowl to sting anything in sight. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. All honeybees want to do is make honey and help the colony. Honeybees are actually very docile creatures. If you leave them alone they will leave you alone.


Why are they important?


Honeybees are very important assets to our environment. They are pollinators and are responsible for the reproduction of a good portion of local plant life. If honeybees ever become endangered that would be bad news for all of us!


What if I see a swarm?


If you come across a swarm of bees be sure to stay calm and to call a beekeeper as soon as you can before the bees leave to find a new home or settle in a undesirable location. Make sure not kill or disturb the honeybees by spraying pesticides or even water on them.


Bee Keepers.


When a beekeeper shows up they will extract the swarm by transferring them into a hive box. Bees only sting when they are defending the colony, as a result when the hive is being removed they will become less likely to sting as they have nothing to defend. A bee keeper will also use a harmless fog of smoke to keep them from communicating and becoming too hostile. The beekeeper will transfer the hive and bees into a hive box. Once the majority of the bees are in the hive box the beekeeper will wait for any stray bees to find their way into the hive box before closing the hive up to take to their new home.

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