Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Get rid of smokey brown cockroaches with SWAT Services.Smoky Brown Cockroaches are uniformly mahogany brown in color, with no other distinctive lines or colorations. They are closely related to the American cockroach, but smaller in size at just over 1 inch. Both male and female Smoky Browns have wings longer than their bodies.

Getting rid of this pest requires patience, persistance, and a combination of both deterrence and exclusion methods of pest control.


Tips for Deterrence

Like most pests, Smoky Brown roaches require 3 things to thrive: food, water, and shelter. If you can eliminate even one of these things through proper sanitation, the roach population will be forced to either die or move someplace else.

  • Discard old boxes and piles of papers where roaches can hide.
  • Use a waste bin or trash can with a tight fitting lid and keep trash in a close plastic bag overnight.
  • Fix leaky drains and faucets; roaches can live on water alone.
  • Clean kitchen appliances thoroughly.
  • Empty pet food containers at night, or place them on the back porch or in a plastic bag.
  • Vacuum regularly, and restrict food consumption to one room of the house. This will help keep Smoky Brown roaches and other pests from spreading into others areas such as bedrooms.


Exclusion Works Well, Too

Smoky Brown Cockroaches prefer to live outdoors, but will easily set up residence indoors if they can find their way inside. Exclusion is about keeping Smoky Brown Roaches out, or at least making it harder for them to get in.

  • Caulk and repair holes around doors, windows, water pipes and baseboards.
  • Place mesh screens over windows, floor drains, and vents. These places serve as roach hideaways.
  • Windows and doors should fit tightly and squarely within their frames to prevent both harborage and entry from outside.


Eliminate Smoky Brown Cockroaches – Call SWAT

When you need to eliminate smokybrown cockroaches, call the pros at SWAT Services.To ensure your home is roach-proof and ready for the season, start your Fall home maintenance checklist with a home and pest inspection from SWAT. We have qualified technicians able to inspect and recommend home and pest control solutions as needed. We can identify problem areas and offer steps for eliminating the risk of home invaders. Call us now before you have a problem. It’s much easier to keep pests out now before the cold weather arrives!


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